Child contact using a C100 form

On separation or divorce, parents usually manage to work out proper arrangements for time with the children to be shared, but in a minority of case, the court become necessary to resolve the dispute as to who gets to spend what time with them.  Using a C100 application and paying the C100 court fee, currently £200, an application can be made to resolve various issues which can cause problems.  No longer called custody, or child access, but ‘contact’,  the court will make an order which is in the best interests of the child.  The Children Act 1989 contains a series of requirements called the Welfare Checklist which the court use to determine the right solution when making an order.

Fortunately, the best interest of the child are usually served by spending time with both parents, and so making an application to court is generally a positive step, and contact will result.

The C100 application is also made to make an application for residence which states where the child/ren should live, to deal with a specific issue that cannot be agreed between the parties, such as which school the child/ren should attend, or a prohibited steps order which prohibits one party from doing something, such as to take them to live abroad.

The Family Law Advice Centre has devised a ‘Children pack’ which contains everything that is necessary to prepare your application.  It has a sample form to show an example of a completed form, a blank form and guidance notes to assist in its completion.  The guidance notes go into some detail as to how to not only prepare the forms, but also how to deal with making an application when the childs whereabouts are unknown, or the child is at risk of harm.

Uniquely, the pack provides a password protected area on our server where you will have access to a form which can be completed online, saved as you go along, and then checked by our team to advise on whether the form has been completed correctly, so that when you print it off, you can be sure the court will accept the application as valid.

Use the buttons at the bottom of the homepage to purchase the ‘Children pack’

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2 Responses to Child contact using a C100 form

  1. Grace Ghilks says:

    I am currently in court proceedings with my ex partner with regards our son and his contact hours. I would require some help with putting the statement together and the childrens pack/writing a position statement seem something that would be useful to me. How would I get one of these and how much do they cost?

    Thank you

    • admin says:


      At the bottom of most pages you will see the large buttons to click onto to see the packs. They can be purchased from the page that describes the contents by clicking on the large icon to the top right saying ‘Buy pack’

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